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Veronica Bemis, CMP posted Roundtable Discussion Notes Coming Soon

We'll be uploading the notes taken during the interactive networking discussions soon. Don't forget - the presentation link expires this Friday, September 30th.

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Branstad: Wind energy key to job creation DES MOINES — Gov. Terry Branstad said today that further growth in Iowa’s wind energy industry will figure heavily into meeting his job-creation goals over the next five years. Branstad told attendees at the American Wind Energy Association’s wind power supply chain workshop that up to 5,000 Iowa jobs already are supported by manufacturing and wind power development businesses that operate in 56 of the st... [read more]

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It's exciting to hear him talk about passing the first RES in the 80s and encouraging to hear him call for the extension of the Production Tax Credit.

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Come visit our table, pick up our "How to Talk to a Wind Skeptic Guide," stickers, and brochures. And Contact your Member of Congress! http://bit.ly/nBuI6e Can submit comment at the booth! -Lauren

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Contact Congress today http://bit.ly/nBuI6e

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Veronica Bemis, CMP posted Welcome to Des Moines!

Make sure to ask your hotel for the attendee check-in letter! Registration will open at noon tomorrow in HyVee Hall B and we'll start promptly at 1pm. Bring your ideas, experiences, challenges, an open mind, and lots of business cards. See you all tomorrow! Veronica

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Lauren Glickman posted Twitter Hashtag #WindSC11

For those on twitter the official workshop #hashtag will be #WindSC11. Simply add this to any tweets you send out related to the workshop. You can even start using it now to connect with other attendees headed to Des Moines in less than 2 weeks! Look forward to seeing you there! -Lauren

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Bounce ideas off your colleagues! Do you have a burning question you're unable to answer, or want to share a solution you've found that you want to share with your peers? You have 2 opportunities to share your lessons learned or discuss your thoughts and challenges with your peers. We want to hear from you! Here’s how to participate: 1)Review the current list of discussions 2) Leave a comment with the discussions you are interested in joining 3)S... [read more]

Veronica Bemis, CMP: Go to the Calendar and view the Interactive Networking Discussion: http://aweasc11.crowdvine.com/talks/20366 and leave your comment!

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What do you view as "bottle necks" or constraints re: transport & logistics in the US Wind industry today?

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Veronica Bemis, CMP posted How are you all liking CrowdVine?

It's been a few weeks since we rolled out CrowdVine. How are you liking it so far?

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Mike Swinburne posted Workshop Sponsors

Siemens Industry has been confirmed as a brand new sponsor of the Supply Chain Workshop. Thank you to NRG Systems, Siemens Industry, and Upwind Solutions for their support of this event!

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Over the last 4-5 years, the US has seen a myriad of investments in wind energy production and assembly operations largely due to the growth of the domestic wind market as supported by over 30 state's introducing Renewable Portfolio Stndards. Despite a rather inconsistent policy at the federal level, the US now has over 400 wind energy manufacturing operations. Will this trend continue? If so, who are the most likely candidates in the wind energy... [read more]

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AWEA is pleased to announce the Governor of Iowa, the Honorable Terry Branstad, will give the keynote address to the attendees of the Wind Power Supply Chain Workshop on Tuesday, September 13th. More details to come!

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That's the title of the opening session of the workshop in Des Moines on the afternoon of September 12th. I will be preparing this presentation and assembling the slides for it -- what do you want me to include ? What information, facts & figures, and issues do you want to make sure AWEA covers in this opening presentation ? Let me know before the end of August -- thanks !! Jeff Anthony AWEA Director of Business Development

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The US wind industry is set for a tumultuous ride, as deadlines for key incentive mechanisms are set to expire in 2012. The impact on the US supply chain is not trivial, and it is imperative that wind industry participants understand the changing competitive landscape such that they may make educated business decisions to ensure their company's long term success. MAKE Consulting's presentation should not be missed. We will be discussing the most ... [read more]

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